Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these books priced much higher than other children's books?

We understand that these books are much more expensive than regular children's books, but these are not just any children's books. Each page of your story is accompanied by an illustration that is completely unique and created just for your story. We work with talented illustrators who create high quality illustrations that are sure to captivate your child. To lighten the cost of the books, we suggest perhaps splitting the cost among family members who may also want to make the same book (i.e. if siblings want to split the cost of a book as a gift to their grandparent, etc).

Note: After purchasing your first book, all addition copies are $12.99 for softcover or $27.99 for hardcover. 

We are also currently working with our illustrators to build up stock illustrations so that we can offer a lower-cost book. These illustrations will not be as customized, but they will still offer a beautiful way to illustrate your story.

How many pages are in each book?

Each book is 21-27 pages, depending on how many photos you choose to include in the back of your book (you can include up to 6 photos). The first page is a "dedication page" where you can dedicate your book to someone or include a special note to your reader. There are 10 pages for your story text and 10 pages of illustrations to accompany each page of your story.

Am I allowed any input on the illustrations of my book?

Before your illustrations are created we have you fill out a form listing any details that might be important in the illustrations of your story. For example, if your story is about your Uncle Joe and he would always wear cowboy boots, that is something you would note on this form. Our illustrators take it from there and will include those special details in your illustrations. You can also upload photos for the illustrator to reference. Please be aware that we do not allow you to direct how your book will be illustrated - we leave that to the professionals!

Can I ask for any revisions after the custom illustrations have been done?

You can make 2 minor revisions to your illustrations. These include revisions such as changing the color of an object or lightening/darkening a skin tone. Additional minor revisions or any major revisions cost an additional $10 per revision.

Why can't I pay after the illustrations are done?

You can write your story and upload your photos before making any purchase, however, we ask for payment before receiving your custom illustrations  to ensure that our illustrators are paid for the time that they will be putting into creating your custom illustrations. After the illustrations are done, we do allow you to make 2 minor revisions, if necessary, before printing your book or major revisions at an added cost of $10 per revision.

How long will it take to receive my book after I've submitted my story?

The illustrations will be completed up to 2 weeks after submitting your story text. After final approval, please allow 5-10 business days for your item to be printed and shipped.

Can multiple family members or friends contribute in paying for the book?

Yes! We love it when families create and purchase books together for another family member. Email us at for more information on how to do this.

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