‘Love Story’ book for Valentine’s day (and our ‘how we met’ story!)

Valentine’s day is coming up and it has us feeling all kinds of love-y feelings. While many choose to create Cuento books about ancestors or family members who have recently passed, we also see some pretty sweet “how we met” love stories. Parents sharing the story of how they met and fell in love with each other is such a special thing to share with your children - and would also make the sweetest gift for your spouse or child(ren) this Valentine’s day! Just use our Love Story template if you need some guidance writing your story.

In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d share how my husband and I met. It’s a fun story and one I want my son and future kids to know!

My husband had just graduated from college and moved to San Francisco to start a new job. I was still finishing up my undergrad studies and living in the south bay at the time. It was Halloween weekend and some friends and I were trying to decide what we were going to do to celebrate. We decided to check out a big Halloween party in Berkeley we’d heard about, so I threw together a last-minute Little Red Riding Hood costume and we headed to Berkeley. In the meantime, Derek was also throwing together a last-minute costume since he was going to the party straight after work and hadn’t planned on going in the first place. He printed a sign with a tweet (like, a Twitter tweet) to wear around his neck that said “@djpando Happy #Halloween” with some link on it and called it good. Yes, not the most conventional costume and no one knew what he was (it was 2009 and Twitter wasn’t quite as well known as it is now), but I’m just glad he decided to come to the party! I had a great time meeting new people, dancing the night away and right as my friends and I were about to leave, another friend stopped me to introduce me to a cute guy who was new to the area. I was planning on making it a quick chat since my friends were waiting outside for me, but it didn’t take long for me to start getting butterflies and I completely lost track of time (sorry friends!). He asked for my number and I remember being so excited to give it to him. It had been a long time since I met someone that I actually wanted to give me number to.

I love having this illustration of when we met since we didn't get any photos together that night

We went on our first date soon afterwards and were married two years later! Okay, I’m skipping over some other mushy stuff in between, but that’s the gist of it. I love that we met on Halloween, it makes the holiday a bit more special for us. We went to that same party again the following year, but as a couple this time and it was fun to reminisce. We threw costumes together last minute again - hence Smurf and Waldo 🙂

Because we’re big fans of love stories, we’re offering 30% off of your Cuento book through 1/29. January 29th is the last day to submit your story to get it by Valentine’s day, so write those stories quickly!

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