5 Ways to Share Family History with Your Kids

1. Family Photo Book or Memoir

Family photo books are so popular because they allow you to visually experience your special memories in a very accessible way. You can turn more recent experiences into photo books to enjoy with your children and future generations or you can create a memoir/biography type of book of a family member you want your children to remember using old photos. You can also add text to your photo book to include special stories about that family member. Blurb makes it simple to create these kinds of books - we use them all the time!

2. Printable Family Dinnertime Question Cards

Cook Smarts, a great resource for healthy cooking and meal plans, created a fun tool that will help you and your children uncover your family’s stories. Download their free printable 50 Family Dinnertime Questions that you can use to start up great conversations the whole family can enjoy over dinner. Cards with questions such as "Where did you go on your first date?" and "Can you tell me about a time when you were scared?" will encourage entertaining, funny, and tender family dinner conversations - all while passing on important family stories.

3. Emailed Story Writing Prompts

This may be more appropriate for older children/family members, but it's a wonderful way to share fun family stories through emailed writing prompts. StoryWorth sends your family members weekly writing prompts, such as "Who do you consider your icons, and why?" and "Did you ever get in trouble at school as a child?". A story is written each week and then turned into a bound book at the end of the year to make a great family keepsake.

4. Family Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a fun way to get kids excited about learning about a family member. Collect old photos and family heirlooms to include in the scrapbook. Let the kids help with collecting items, gluing photos and choosing the design of the book. Check out some family history related scrapbook pages here.

5. Custom Illustrated Children's Book

We had to include our books on this list! For those who are wanting something that is especially geared toward young children and captures family stories using not only photos, but captivating illustrations that really make it feel like a children's book, this is a wonderful way to share your family stories with your little ones. Sign up here to start writing your story.

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