How to Make Family History Stories Interesting to Kids

Kids may hear the words "family history" and think boring. It's unlikely that these stories will include flying superheroes or talking animals, but we should not shy away from sharing the important stories of our families to our children because we think they might not be interested. Or we think they may not yet be able to understand the significance or meaning of the story. Do not underestimate the curiosity or intelligence of a little one! We've already established why it's important to share family stories with your children, so let's dig into how we can share these stories in a way that is entertaining and appropriate for young minds.
  1. If there are children in the story, make sure to share their perspective. Children like to hear what other children thought, felt or experienced. Make sure to bring in the perspective of the children in the story if possible. 
  2. Think of details that would be interesting for the age levels of the kids. If the kids listening love animals and there are animals in the story, make sure to spend some time talking about the animals to hook them. Was their a family dog in the picture? Or a rooster that woke up the whole family every morning? Don't leave those fun details out!
  3. Connect the children to the family members in the story. For example, if someone in the story has red hair, and so does the child, make sure to point it out. See if you can tie any personality traits, physical traits or circumstances to the children listening.
There is no right or wrong way to tell a family story, but if you try some of these tips, please let us know how it goes!

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