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What better story to share with your kids than those of their own relatives and loved ones


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"My grandchildren were spell bound the first time I read them the book about their great grandfather. I saw generations coming together with the help of Cuento Books."

Sally P.

Sally P.

"To know that my future children will know of my mother's legacy through such a simple and accessible medium means the world to me. The process was easy and my illustrator captured my mother's spirit perfectly. The company was great to work with and genuinely wanted me to have a product that I LOVED."

Meredith A.

Meredith A.

"We are so glad we got this book created. The illustrations are vibrant and so perfectly tell our family story. Cuento Books has given us a priceless gift that we'll be able to share with our kids for a lifetime. Plus, they were great to work with!"

Jess D.

Jess D.

Some prompts you'll find to help you write your story

“How they met their spouse/significant other”

“Funny childhood quirks”

“Challenge(s) they overcame”

“Special accomplishment(s)”

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